Friday, April 29, 2011

A Posting on a Sunny Day

Today is one of our few sunny days thus far this year.  The weather has been a bit of an oddball, including the snow we had not too long back.  Honestly, snow in Spring in Victoria?!  One can only hope for a hot summer this year to make up for it.

All the world, or so it seems, is abuzz about the wedding of Wills and Kate.  I have to be honest in that I'm pretty indifferent to it.  Granted if mum were still alive she would've been all over it including staying up to watch it on TV and buying the commemorative mug (all of which I have inherited and are sitting in my china cabinet, which I also inherited).  I liked Kate's choice of dress.  It was simple and elegant and looked really good on her.

In other news, our house still hasn't sold and I don't think it will before May 9th when our contract with the realtor is up.  So instead of lamenting, which is pointless now that we've reconsidered** our situation, we're making plans to improve our abode.  On the list (so far):

  • a coat rack at the front door
  • fixing the kitchen squeaks and putting down new laminate
  • a loft bed for Miranda
  • a hanging ceiling in the basement
  • some built in bookshelves wherever they'll fit
  • a built in medicine cabinet for our bathroom
  • a BBQ pit out back ??
I'm looking into putting Ian into a preschool this September, not for the educational aspect of it but for the social.  Our local rec centre has a preschool called Doodlebugs.  It offers 2 or 3 days a week.  I'm leaning toward the M, W, F 9-11.30 session.  It costs $197.75/month but it's not a co-op so I could teach Miranda while he's at school.  Any thoughts out there?

I've decided to abandon my bilingual postings.  I know, I hate to be a quitter, but I just don't have the time I thought I would to do it.  Maybe in the future when I get into the swing of using my personal development time** effectively I'll try again.  :)

**You're probably wondering what all these asterisks are about.  Below is a summary of our  reconsiderations.  As some may know, the motivating factors for moving were:
  • closer to dojo, less commuting
  • closer to downtown/colleges/uni for me to get back to work
  • closer to colleges/uni for the kids when the time comes
  • not stuck in a town with only 1 road out
The biggest solution we had was to get a second car.  We bought a 2006 VW Golf last month.  Now no-one feels stranded in Sooke on Karate or Bujutsu nights. :)  Plus the class times have been rearranged and it looks like the 5 days will be reduced to 3 days.  As for me getting back into the work force whether I went now or in 10 years I would have to start from the ground up.  Any tutoring I would do on weekends wouldn't make a difference to the resume.  So instead of working for 4 hours a week Simon suggested I put that time into personal improvement activities (such as guitar, crocheting, German, whatever).  At some point I'll get back into the workforce.  We will have to move in the future (in about a dozen years) when our kids go to UVic or Camosun.  The commute from here to there daily would be a killer.  Simon joked when the time comes we'll move to Prince George again and they'll go to UNBC.