Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Happy 2012 everyone!

Well here we are in a brand new year. I wonder what this year will bring not only for those close to me, but also the world at large. We watched Sagan's Cosmos over the holidays and it's funny to see how worried people were about nuclear annihilation during the Cold War. I'm not usually a political person, but it was a very thought-provoking series and much is still very valid today... Will this be the year when ALL the wars cease? What about the nuclear weapons? The Cold War is over, but the threat is still there. No one can be absolutely sure that one of those nations experimenting or stockpiling them won't "press the button" one day. Or maybe will pollution be the cause of our demise? Will this be the year that the human race wakes up and smells the coffee, or will we continue to do nothing because "we are all just 1 person and 1 person can't make a difference"?

I'm still on the physical fitness kick. I kind of got derailed over the holidays, but I did my best not to go berserk with the eating. I'm thinking of taking a pole dancing class. There are no belly dance classes and yoga doesn't fit into my schedule.

I'm also still doing my knitting or crocheting. I've also thrown in some sewing. My next big project is to make my daughter a cape. I found an "easy" pattern. Hopefully soon I'll get my act together and make it. :D I might even do some writing. I found a great book to encourage young people to write and I'm thinking about writing a lesson plan around it. Thus, I'll need to try it out too.

Maybe I'll even post on here more frequently. Only time will tell.